Why Use The Author’s Ally to Self-Publish Your Book?

If you have completed writing at least one book, you know just how involved it is to turn a great story into a serious manuscript. Your knowledge base is an ongoing exercise in developing the skill of becoming a confident writer, as well as a good story teller. That means you put in long hours writing, rewriting and editing; worrying about story structure, character and voice.

Writing a book is no small job! A dedicated writer spends endless hours fine tuning their skills and might be able to produce one well-written book a year; which takes serious discipline–especially when you have to keep your day job. You have a lot to do just pursuing your passion–writing.

If you’re like most authors, dealing with the Internet can be daunting! Yet, you want your work out there being seen and read–bringing in income. You want to know how to self publish, but, you also don’t want to become an expert in something totally unrelated to your passion of writing.

That’s why we created The Author’s Ally so that you can write. Our objective is simple: Provide authors with an inexpensive and easy means to self-publish digital versions of their books, novellas and short stories to online sellers. We do the formatting and the placement, and, once we’re done, we hand you the keys. By doing what we do best–the geek stuff–you get do what you do best–write! It’s just that simple!